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Oil Based Wood Sealers were developed as by-products of the oil industry. The ultra-violet (UV) inhibitors which are meant to protect the wood from the sun's rays to prevent deterioration are mixed into the oil base but remain in suspension because of the character of the oil, which does not allow blending. Since there is no blending, protection is only given where the UV's are suspended. Which leaves gaps allowing the Sun's Ultra-Violet rays to penetrate deep into the wood, weakening it's structure integrity. This is why some fences have to be replaced so quickly, eventually with little force applied, the wood will just break off .

Within these gaps other things take place such as deep penetration of airborne Pollutants which eat away at the wood similar to the way rust eats away at metal. Turning the wood a gray color, the grayer the wood the greater the damage. But in the Oil based sealer the part were there is just oil and no UV inhibitors the ultra-violet rays from the Sun actually cook the oil turning the wood a dark black color.

All of these individual actions bring about quickly the erosion of the sealant its self, once the sealant goes erosion of the wood starts. Average replacement cost for a wood fence in the Dallas / Fort Worth area is $30 per running foot, average yard is 150 to 200 sq. ft. which comes to $4,500.00 to $6,000.00.

Most water based sealants that you would purchase at the national chain hardware store, were made by the same companies that sell the do-it-yourself oil based products, as a substitute for their cash cow, their oil product. It is a classic example of "conflict of interest" theses companies are set up to sell their oil product which is environmentally hazardous. Their water based sealants are designed to fail, so that the costumer would return to their oil product.


Water based TurtleSeal® was designed to succeed! Treating wood decks on ocean going yachts which are exposed to the harshest Sun and salt water corrosion, what could be a better laboratory?

First to stop the damage that airborne pollutants are doing to the wood we use TurtleSeal® Deck Wash that kills any fungus or algae growth that is occurring. This cleans and restores the wood to its natural color as we power wash in preparation for the TurtleSeal® Stain and Sealant that the owner chooses.

TurtleSeal's® deep-penetrating acrylic resin blends perfectly with the ultra-violet (UV) inhibitors so that they become at one with the resin. The thinness of the water base median allows the resin with inhibitors to go much deeper into the wood penetrating as far down as any liquid substance can go into wood. After several hours actually 3 days all the water dries and all that is left is the sealant.

Airborne pollutants and dirt which cannot penetrate the sealant, have to lay only on the surface to be washed away by rain or water hose.

Restoration of 12 year old deck that had never had wood sealer of any kind on it!

Before / After


What happens if I do not use a wood sealant on my fence?


  • You have no protection from the elements, airborne pollutants from automobiles and factories, attack the wood turning it a dull grey color.

  • Your fence or deck's life span is cut in half, with better grade wood 20 yrs. is cut down to 10 yrs. in lesser grade wood 10 yrs. is cut down to 5 yrs.

  • That's thousands of dollars being destroyed in your back yard 24 hrs. a day 7 days a week.

Deterioration Cost $$$

Seal now to extend your investment, at only a fraction of its original cost or its replacement cost.

Can I restore an old damaged fence or deck

and stop the deterioration done?


  • Some amount of deterioration has already been done, especially if no sealant has ever been used.

  • With our specialty formulated wash all of the airborne pollutants, mold and mildew along with any burnt oil stain residue can be power washed off.

  • Taking the wood back to its new look, then we TurtleSeal ® it locking in the clean disinfected wood.

(Look at the pictures of the 12 year old deck restoration done above!)



Eight years old TurtleSeal® finish / New TurtleSeal® Refinish



Eight years old TurtleSeal® finish / New TurtleSeal® Refinish


10 year old fence

Cleaned by special cleaning solution and powerwasher

Finished Professional TurtleSealed Service


Our Med. Honey and Dark Honey are in the pictures above, our other colors are below:




Protect your investment

For a





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